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Our talented video production team at CBCinematics consists of passionate professionals who work together to create outstanding visual content for our clients. We are a group of dedicated individuals with diverse skills, including camera operators, cinematographers, directors, editors, and producers.

The atmosphere within our team is energetic and vibrant, reflecting the dynamic nature of our video production environment. Our camaraderie and dedication are evident in our interactions, emphasizing the strong sense of collaboration and mutual respect that defines CBCinematics' company culture.

With our combined expertise and passion for storytelling, we, consistently deliver exceptional results, exceeding client expectations and leaving a lasting impact. We are the driving force behind our company's success and the reason why CBCinematics is a trusted name in the industry.

Our gear used. Drone, cameras, gimbles, and more.


At CBCinematics, we use modern and high quality SONY system camera equipment to ensure your content is up to date, and is future proof. We have implemented the Sony FX3 and Sony A7IV as our main cameras in all production sets.

The Sony A7IV contains a 7k sensor that down samples at 24 frames, 4k at 60 frames with 4:2:2 10-Bit color, with great dynamic range, ensuring cutting edge creative looks, quality and sharpness.

The Sony FX3 is a Netflix approved camera, and has been used on several Hollywood production environments and is capable of shooting continuously without limits. It's able to capture footage in full 4K at 120 frames per second while still offering 10-bit color. The FX3 also is capable of capturing ProRes RAW and RAW video formats to ensure the highest quality video, color data, and maximum dynamic range. This allows for the ultimate cinematic look with no compromises.

All footage is kept stable and professional using gimbals, tripods and dolly-like equipment. For aerial footage, we use DJI Mavic Pro drones and accessories to deliver crisp, silky-smooth visuals in 4K!


CBCinematics offers a wide variety of video services. We progressed from filming private events for friends and family to full production motion picture films of weddings, business services, operations and products.

We are regularly seen collaborating on projects, discussing ideas, and reviewing footage. We always have a professional apperance, ready to tackle any production challenge that comes our way. Our focus, expertise, and creativity shine through as we work together to bring visions to life.

What sets us apart from others, is our attention to your vision and ensuring our video makes an impact on you and viewers. We get to know our customers, and we deliver video content that solve real business challenges! We make video that contains a professional and cinematic presentation that leaves a lasting impression! Our videos aren't just flashy visuals, but they tell stories, and create solutions for businesses, couples, and individuals!

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