Marketing Videos

Get a professional video to market your brand, products, or service.


market your brand or product

Promote Your Brand or Product

Our professional video services can help your brand get greater recognition on the web, social media, and more.

A polished video instills confidence in consumers that you have a product that can be trusted and is desirable.

Market Your Services

Stand out from your competitors with a quality video that showcases one or even all of your services.

Fewer and fewer potential customers fully read all of the information on your website. But a video can both explain and persuade in just seconds. A high-performing video is also a great marketing tool on YouTube or social media.

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Creative Edits & Animation

Our videos have that extra polish employing creative camera angles, engaging animation, and stylish transitions.

Video file

Color Correction & Grading

Color grading can mean the difference from looking amateurish or cinematic. You always get that professional "look" with us!


Sound & Music Design

Crisp audio, perfectly timed audio effects, and stirring music will increase the conversion rates of your marketing videos.



I can’t say enough good things about working with the CBCinematics team! They are professional, so kind, and their work is AMAZING! I had the opportunity to work them on an elopement and we had the best time. You can tell they are dedicated and passionate about the services they provide and videos they create. Definitely recommend checking them out!!

– Morgan Pannell (Magnolia Elopements)

I am a motivational speaker and I have to say, CBCinematics Meets my needs and exceeds them for each gig that I have booked and have needed video coverage. The quality is freakishly clear and clean. They are my go to videographer for life at this point 💯 I’m getting so much work inquiries, because my business looks clean and professional, all because of the right equipment, people, and Service that I’m getting from CB Cinematics. I give them 5 out of 5 stars every time and wouldn’t go anywhere else. Give them a call you won’t be disappointed!!

– Donovan Tolbert

CBCinematics was easy to work with, and very creative! Sometimes it can be hard to explain what you’d like to see, or even come up with a vision for a video. Working with them made it easy and he made suggestions along the way, and improved upon the vision I had for my video.

– Stone H. (Squeaky Clean)

Today, Mr. Chris Butler of CBcinematics and Wade Hampton Alumni provided a wealth of knowledge to Mr. Willey’s Digital Art and Design students. CBCinematics provides video services and is a Greenville company. Students learned about storytelling through cinema, engaging in all types of art, what goes into planning, and his workflow. The entire group was able to set the studio stage and strut through the scene. Thank you so much to Chris Butler for the sessions and the Wade Hampton Physical Education department for lending their best space for our use.

– James Willey (Wade Hampton Highschool)

Chris and his team did amazing job on every single project we do with them. His patient, kindness, and very creative way. He come up with so many great, fun idea for my store. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED.

– Ding Tea Greenville

CBCinematics is the real deal! Chris, the owner, is so passionate AND skilled at his craft. We are working on a project together and I've really loved the content he has put out so far. Chris is professional, quick on turnarounds, and communicates really well. What more could you ask for in a videographer (any business really)? Definitely recommend these guys!

– John Tucker

CBCinematics has been my favorite to collaborate with on a production by far.

Their professionalism and attention to detail on video quality and editing are always first-class. I can’t wait to work with them again.

– Brooks W.

Chris is very easy to work with. He listens to you and makes great suggestions too.

– Lezah C. (Diamond Realty)

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